The Spirit of the Land

At the heart of ‘The Spirit of the Land’ is an interactive healing mandala. A spiral of cedar wood from a tree that died, leads to a vessel containing iron water from a sacred spring. Water contains memory and a creative intelligence, and visitors will be invited to stir it and make a wish for our planet. Venetia offers spaces for people to connect to the stillness within and around them. Slowing down and engaging with the natural world through our senses, brings balance and reconnection, as the mind calms down. Our ancestors valued the plants, trees, and waters, not only for medicinal use but for spiritual sustenance. By making art from nature and bringing it into a gallery she hopes to complete the cycle by encouraging people to go out and look at nature in a new light.

The Earth is my Witness

I am inspired by the rhythms of nature, with its cycles of birth, life, death, and renewal and 'The Earth is my Witness' was a homage to this elemental connection.   It was only when the Buddha touched the earth that he gained the power to see the endless cyclical process that all creatures go through, and that the nirvana he had been searching for was directly available here and now.  The most accessible pathway to presence is through the senses - vibration crosses sensory thresholds in being simultaneously palpable, audible and visible.

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