Venetia creates sensory and experiential work to express an intuitive, visceral connection with the world.  Tapping into the felt and unseen, she is inspired by the cyclical rhythms of nature and her creativity is a homage to this elemental connection.  Ideas are developed through play, ritual, collaboration and engaging totally with the senses.  The ecologically informed artworks focus on transformation and reclamation – creation often emerges through destruction and dead matter can be transmuted.

The Spirit of the Land

At the heart of ‘The Spirit of the Land’ is an interactive healing mandala. A spiral of cedar wood from a tree that died, leads to a vessel containing iron water from a sacred spring. Water contains memory and a creative intelligence, and visitors will be invited to stir it and make a wish for our planet. Venetia offers spaces for people to connect to the stillness within and around them. Slowing down and engaging with the natural world through our senses, brings balance and reconnection, as the mind calms down. Our ancestors valued the plants, trees, and waters, not only for medicinal use but for spiritual sustenance. By making art from nature and bringing it into a gallery she hopes to complete the cycle by encouraging people to go out and look at nature in a new light.


(A Homage to Algae, the Elements and Transformation) ‘Nothing Endures but Change’, 2018. A group exhibition of ephemeral sculptures curated by Susan Haire of The London Group. Part of the Waterloo Festival ‘Transforming Minds’ The Greek classical elements of earth, fire, air and water were considered the building blocks of all matter. Algae is often believed to be the source of life. Inspired by the alchemy of the elements and the cyclical rhythms of nature, Regenesis is a homage to transformation through the recycling process. Wood from a loved dying cedar tree was used to create the sculpture – creation often emerges through destruction and dead matter can be transmuted. Changing states alter our perceptions ‘when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change’ (Dr Wayne Dyer)


Poiesis , algae and healing powders, light box, 1.5 degrees Art Exhibition, 2019 [...]