Project Description

I am inspired by the rhythms of nature, with its cycles of birth, life, death, and renewal and ‘The Earth is my Witness’ was a homage to this elemental connection.   It was only when the Buddha touched the earth that he gained the power to see the endless cyclical process that all creatures go through, and that the nirvana he had been searching for was directly available here and now.  The most accessible pathway to presence is through the senses – vibration crosses sensory thresholds in being simultaneously palpable, audible and visible. In my installations I often use the frequencies of the earth, planets and sacred mantras to change perceptions and heighten awareness.

‘Heartbeat of the Earth’ was inspired by the notion of transformation through the natural recycling process.   A treasured dying cedar tree was felled and ground into chippings that become reanimated by the vibration of the Schumann Resonance, the planetary heartbeat.  Interacting with it, we in turn have an opportunity to become grounded and present. Canvas buried in the roots of the tree was ‘painted’ by the earth worms and illuminates the cedar.

Other works in the show ‘ Magnetic Deviation’ and ‘Earth spirits’ encompass themes of time, geomancy, shamanism and renewal that honour the self, through a sacred connection with nature.  The ‘Cedria’ (peiv) series continues an exploration into the healing qualities of plant materials.  In Greek, resin means flow – the tears given off from the sweat of the wood and the resin acts as a healing poultice to protect the tree.  Similarly, in ‘Shaman’, hessian used to wrap and heal a dying tree is unwrapped and now embodies the human potential for rejuvenation and the spirit of the tree.