Ogham Trees

Ogham is an ancient Celtic alphabet of 20 letters, each one relating to a tree which contain ancient wisdom,  characteristics and spiritual guidance. The letters were probably inscribed on sticks, stones and trees rather than used as a conventional written language – spirit communicates in signs.

I had been searching for a guide to help me connect more deeply to the trees, and lockdown offered me the time, and space to discover that the best teachers were, of course, the trees.  Starting with the Birch, the first letter of the Ogham Alphabet, I began spending a lunar cycle with each tree . By engaging fully with my senses, and deeply listening, another world opened up.  I talked, sang, and read stories to the trees about themselves, made blessings to honour them and recycled their fallen leaves, seeds, and bark for mandalas and to create art.  Each tree offered wisdom and support that related to my personal life, seemingly in return for my love and devotion to them.