Mandalas and Rituals

I created my first mandala during a quiet moment at my solo show at The Golborne Gallery in London in 2017.  I made it intuitively with natural materials as a path to bring something playful to the venue and discovered that mandalas are powerful ways to create a sacred space.  Recognised for their healing properties, they symbolise wholeness, connect us to the earth, the natural rhythms, and our deeper selves.  Jung believed that mandalas connect the two sides of the brain and my experience is that something transformative happens when creating or engaging with them.  


Since then I have created many mandalas and rituals, often on sacred Celtic days.  They all contain an element of gratitude to nature and are a natural part of my calling as an earth tender, but I also offer the blessings to raise the vibration in gatherings and spaces and to connect to presence and stillness.  


The selection below include images from a residency on a building site in Canary Wharf to honour the workers and unseen elemental energies, an interactive performance ‘Regenesis – a Homage to Algae’  at Chatham Dockyard and A Summer Solstice ritual for ‘Nothing Endures but Change’ , part of the Waterloo Festival.


The final pictures are of sensory interactive rituals created for a ‘Day of the Dead’ celebration and for ‘Sacred Vessel’ where I was invited to bring a spiritual dimension to help visitors process an artist’s powerful response to the atrocities in Rwanda.  Connecting to water, clay, earth, and crystals helped to ground viewers and embody the disturbing information.