Venetia Nevill


Mad Tom's Miraculous Potion , Cabinet of Curiosity
Maidstone Museum, May 2014

A caption about 'Mad Tom' inspired me to create a work about false identity that references Jamie Shovlin and Elmgreen and Dragset. Discovering the collection of Verity Blyth has revealed the reliquaries and strange objects associated with his life and death.

Here, an old remedy bottle contains his magic iron filings transformed by alchemy into a new active material. It emerges from a wax cast of Tom's hand taken after his death at the Battle of Bossenden. With special thanks to sculptor Louise Giblin for her help.

Mad Tom’s Miraculous Potion


An installation curated by Venetia Nevill

Step into the magic slippers and enter a space of sound, light and mirrors. Part fairy tale, part sacred geometry the visitor becomes an active player in a place of transformation.

March, 2014
Sound - 528 hz